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The company is a collection of r&d, manufacturing, selling and service automation equipment manufacturing services. In mechanical collected a batch of industrial integration, SMT soldering, fluid control technology and electronic manufacturing equipment technology, experienced and excellent technical personnel, with years of electronic equipment design, production and management experience, strictly according to ISO9001-2000 international standard management system design, production and service.
We adhering to the "integrity, quality, service" purposes, "The science and technology to create the resplendence share," concept. Comprehensive services in electronic industry, Advocate green environmental protection technology, deduced, positive lead-free process for the industry with high quality products and advanced technology and best process solutions.

Main products:
1 optical inspection:
Inspection equipment, microscope, BGA magnifying glass and other (micro) optical instruments
2 denso desoldering and related categories:
Lead-free furnace, the heating plate, infrared preheat machine, lead-free soldering stations, IC, hot shot put out, absorb gun, automatic the tin system, repair workstation, smoke purification system
3 instruments:
Temperature curve measurement instrument, the TES, temperature, LCR bridge table multimeter, capacitance, oscilloscope, temperature, humidity, hardness tester, intensity of illumination, viscometer, vibration, wind speed, etc
4 precision measurement:
MITUTOYO vernier caliper, GL, callipers, HELIOS HouBoGui, (magnetic needle) Angle gauge, torsion and tension, and push pull, 100 lattice knife, burnish machine and all kinds of test instrument
5 lead-free materials:
Solder paste, solder paste, BGA tin ball, flux, tin
6 anti-static types:
Electrostatic field measuring instrument, surface resistance measurement instrument, grounding system monitors, multi-function static tester, electrostatic wrist tester, static electric chair, antistatic, gloves, masks, shoes, ion blow gun (fan), dust sticky mat, cushion and chemical clothing etc
7. Surrounding tool materials:
Ultrasonic cleaning machine, dispensing machines, vacuum pen, moistureproof, automatic tape machine, smoke, iron, glue gun, thermometer, welding tinware absorption, absorb line etc
8. Components:
PHOENIX (PHOENIX) electrical, AMP connectors; TI, ADI BOURNS, VISHAY, ST, such brands IC
9 security, access control, monitoring of charges
The new energy conservation environmental protection

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